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Paying your LPT bill on time — in cash, by cheque, online or at your local post office


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Must I pay my property tax online?

You do not have to pay your property tax online or file your LPT (Local Property Tax) return online — unless you are liable for LPT on more than one property. You must however file your LPT return by paper (using Form LPT1) if you don’t file your return online. 

Can I pay my LPT in cash?

Yes — as long as you are only liable for LPT on one property. You can pay your property tax in cash over the counter in your local post office by bringing your Revenue letter along (with the property ID of your home for the purpose of the LPT) — or by quoting your Personal Public Service Number (PPSN). Be sure the PPSN you quote is for the person liable for LPT on the property.

You can also pay your property tax in cash through Omnivend and Payzone. Note that An Post, Omnivend and Payzone all charge a transaction fee if you pay your LPT through them. With An Post for example, the fee is €1 per transaction. Be sure to keep your receipt as proof of payment.

Can I pay my property tax by cheque?

Yes, as long as you submit your LPT return by paper.   

When must I file my LPT return?

You must submit your LPT return, including your valuation by November 7, 2021. Failure to do so will see Revenue collect its estimated value of your LPT liability from you — and chase you up for your LPT return and confirmation of your property valuation.

Even though you must determine the value of your home as of November 1, 2021 when filing your LPT return, you can file your return before that date. 

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When must I pay my LPT by?

The date that you must pay your property tax bill by will depend on how you’re paying it.

January 12, 2022 is the deadline if you’re paying in full by cash, cheque or card (though those paying by card will have the full amount charged to their card on  the date of the transaction). March 21, 2022 is the deadline if paying in full through a once-off deduction from your bank account (known as an annual debit instruction).

You can spread out your property tax bill throughout the year — such as through monthly direct debits. Such direct debits need to be set up online, with the first direct debit payment falling on January 15, 2022. For those who have already been paying their LPT through monthly direct debits or deductions from their pay cheques, such arrangements will be automatically carried forward into 2022. You can change how you pay your property tax for 2022 — but you must confirm your new payment method when filing your LPT return.  

Who can defer their bill?

You can defer payment of your property tax if your income is below certain limits. Other grounds that would allow you to defer payment  include personal insolvency, the death of the property owner or hardship (such as a significant and unexpected financial loss).

Note you still have to pay your property tax if you defer your bill — it’s not an exemption.

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