Wednesday 26 June 2019

PAPER PROPHET Aengus MacGrianna

What car do you drive and do you still have a no-claims bonus?

I believe in good value for money and to me very little beats the Skoda range - I am now on my second Skoda and don't plan on changing for another two years - unless I win the Lotto. Thankfully I still have my no-claims bonus.

What was your first job and salary?

Arnotts Sports Department, where my salary was in the region of 80 pounds a week.

At what times do you start and finish work?

I can start as early as 5.30 when reading early-morning news and can finish as late as 1am if doing the late shift.

Do you conduct any business online?

A friend of mine said recently he didn't think the internet was really going to catch on. However, I use it for internet banking, buying concert and airline tickets.

Who would you like to see as Minister for Finance?

Bring back Charlie McCreevy.

Do you have a will?

No - I keep meaning to do it but somehow never got around to it. But then I would hate to cause a rift by singling any one person out. Where there's a will there's a row -

What are your favourite TV and radio programmes? (excluding news)

I'm a classy bloke and enjoy the finer things in life - I'm a big Desperate Housewivesfan, not to mention Green Wing, Six Feet Under and Coronation Street. I really miss good comedy and satire on RTE Radio.

What type of credit card do you have and do you ever borrow on it ?

Bank of Ireland MasterCard - and I live on it - champagne and chocolates must be in the fridge. I hide the Aldi and Lidl groceries in the back press.

Are you ever overdrawn or always in credit?

Darling, what a question?

Do you know exactly how much you are worth?

Yes I do, and like most people I am worth more dead than alive -

Today would you invest in property, shares, cash or other?

Somehow I think property. It's a proven long-term investment and certainly looks better than my pension plan at work.

Your investment of the year?

A two-euro quick-pick Lotto ticket. Overnight I made a profit of 300 per cent and took home the princely sum of ?8.

Favourite restaurant?

I just love Danny Minnies Restaurant in Anagaire in the Donegal Gaeltacht - great food and ambience - and it's only a short taxi ride when I can no longer remember my name and I need to get home to nearby Gaoth Dobhair.

Where do you holiday?

Gaoth Dobhair in Donegal when in Ireland. There is usually a ski holiday and, of course, a sun holiday, mostly outside Europe.

Greatest sporting moment?

Apart from working in Arnotts Sports Department - I think it was winning the men's downhill ski championship in my ski school in Westendorf.

Do you belong to any clubs?

A group of my friends got together to establish an informal movie club. We meet once a month. The movie is kept a secret until the performance begins.

Which businessman/woman do you most admire?

Richard Branson - he still has lots of new ideas and would appear to have great fun spending his money. I wonder does he still remember a young reporter interviewing him after he was brought to court for selling condoms over the counter at the Virgin Megastore on the Quays in Dublin. It seems so funny now.

Do you have a computer at your desk?

Yes, there is a computer, but it's not mine. We all share desks, chairs and computers. The glamour of TV.

What is your business ambition?

To make a load of dosh and retire early so that I can enjoy it. I had better update my CV now . . .

How did you do in your Leaving Cert?

Quite well, really - given that I didn't work very hard for it at the time. But I managed to make it to UCD where I did a BA. My subjects were Irish, Politics and Geography.

How long is left on your mortgage? (If any time)

No chance of my taking early retirement, given that there is still a good 17 years to go to clear my mortgages.

What type of SSIA do you have?

As far as I can remember it's a straight savings plan with the credit union in RTE - God bless them.

Which gets more of your time - work life or family life?

I'm a firm believer in work/life balance, be you single, married, with or without children to care for.

Best moment in business?

When I know it's time to go home.

What is your salary?

a) E20-50K, b) E50-100K;

c) E100-200K

d) 250K+

I am really bad with sums - I recognise some of the figures, but can't remember which is my overdraft, my credit card debt, or my salary - butafter tax and running three homes, one in Dublin, one in Donegal and one in Brussels - it's not easy, it's not easy, Gay.

What football team do you support?

Dublin for Gaelic Football, Man U in soccer.

Who makes the decisions in your house? You or your partner/spouse

Believe it or not, I'm on holidays writing this and I have just been told to get up and put my laptop away. We are going out!

Aengus MacGrianna is an RTE newsreader

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