Sunday 22 September 2019

Objects of Desire: Elaine Crowley

Elaine Crowley
Elaine Crowley
Elaine Crowley on a fitness bootcamp
Eyelash extensions
Fitbit Charge, €129.99
The Game of Thrones books
Smila Blooma pink lamp, €8, Ikea
Vitalift skincare treatment
iPhone and iPad
Kathryn Thomas runs a seven-day Pure Results bootcamp in Kerry
Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's reusable Eyelure lashes (€7.99,
Adidas Clima 3S Tee (€19.20,
Mellow Mandarin Moisturiser, €16.95

The TV3 Midday presenter talks to Andrea Smith about her favourite purchases

Bootcamp holidays

I have a hectic social life, so I love going away on my own on fitness holidays. Some people's idea of hell, I know, but I don't drink, eat vegan and come back completely recharged and ten pounds lighter. Last year, I did a yoga detox at the Absolute Sanctuary in Thailand, (one week from €1,470) and I went to the No 1 bootcamp in Norfolk (one week from €1,257) and came back feeling a million dollars.


I'm not into Kindles, because I love the smell of books and physically holding them. With working in news for so long, I love pure escapism, so books like Game of Thrones (€12.99, and murder books appeal to me. I'm a history nut too.

iPad and iPhone

I'd be completely lost without my iPhone and iPad, (iPhone 6 from €649, iPad Air 1 from €409, I have my Fitbit hooked up to the phone, and use them both for getting my emails at home. I also love watching Netflix on the iPad in the evenings (€8.99 per month).

Fitness gear

I'm doing a Couch to Christmas fitness challenge, so I've been spending my money on that. I got a Fitbit Charge (€129.99) and it's brilliant for tracking my exercise, sleep and heart rate. If you don't have the proper gear, it can physically wreck you, so I got t-shirts and trousers that let your skin breathe and prevent chafing (Ronhill Aspiration t-shirt, €32.99, and Pro Pant, €47.99, And thanks to Hilly twin skin socks (€15.99), I haven't had a single blister.

Skin treatments

I'm getting a bit older and need to look after my skin, as it gets wrecked from make up and studio lights. I'm not a fan of fillers because I've seen people my age who look like waxworks, so I get a Vita-lift skin treatment (€425, twice a year. It's expensive but completely worth it, as it uses radio frequency to completely tone your skin and you look like you've had a facelift.

Eyelash extensions

With producing and presenting Midday, I don't have the luxury of an hour to get ready for the show, so I save ten minutes daily by having semi-permanent eyelash extensions (€120 full set, €50 refills, from They make such a difference.


I have really bad insomnia, so I like my bedroom to be an oasis of calm and tranquillity. Everything is cream and pale pink, such as my Smila Blomma pink flower lamp (€8,, apart from the fairy door that my niece put up. I adore lovely crisp, brushed cotton bedlinen from Debenhams with lavender sprinkled on the pillows, and jasmine oil burners from Thailand. I listen to the Headspace meditation and mindfulness app (€11 per month) and it really helps with the stress of everyday life.

How to get Elaine's favourite things on a smaller budget

With a rotating panel of five feisty women giving their opinions on a range of subjects, TV3's Midday programme is definitely Girls A-Loud every day! To get host Elaine's lovely lashes for less, why not rock a pair of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's reusable Eyelure  lashes (€7.99,

Elaine loves to jet off to bootcamps abroad, but closer to home, TV presenter Kathryn Thomas runs her seven-day Pure Results bootcamps (from €999, at Dromore Castle Estate, Kerry. If she guarantees we'll have her figure after we complete it, we're definitely in!

It may get hot in the gym, but we still want to look like a hottie. Check out this pink Adidas Clima 3S Tee (€19.20, and form-fitting pants (€26.39) which are specially designed to keep moisture away from the skin, and prevent the dreaded bugbear of all fitness fans - chafing.

Wearing make up daily can play havoc with our skin, so we love's concept of literally feeding your face by combining nut and seed oils and butters, fruit, herbs and spices. Check out their fab Mellow Mandarin Moisturiser (€16.95).

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