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Tuesday 16 July 2019

‘My premium went from €520 to €1400 in a year’ – readers share their stories as premiums soar

Jane Last is one of many people not happy at a massive increase in their insurance premiums. Picture:Arthur Carron
Jane Last is one of many people not happy at a massive increase in their insurance premiums. Picture:Arthur Carron Newsdesk Newsdesk readers have been sharing their stories, after we revealed how the spiralling cost of insurance is hitting hard pressed motorists.

We put out a call on social media for your experience with car insurance costs – and we got a huge response.

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Here are a selection of readers’ experiences with insurance:

Rebecca Cuthbert said:  “Mine went up by €140. Almost a 30pc increase. Still the best quote out there though.”

Aoife Ni Riain said: “I have five years no claims this year and somehow my insurance seems to have jumped from €514 last year to everyone quoting me between €600 and €1000 this year!!”

Catriona McGuire said: “Yes 123  increased by €200 I've ten years no claims and with them a number of years nothing for loyalty or being a good driver”

Conor Tyrrell had a similar story: “Mine went up a few hundred. Rang everywhere and the increased price was still by far the cheapest. Checked their website and I could get it for "only" €100 more than last year, so I rang them and told them their website could give it to me cheaper than their renewal quote. No points, no accidents, in my 30s, I can't understand it at all.”

Nicola Joyce shared her experience as a student: “I think it’s an absolute joke! I'm an student who has four years driving experience. Two years as a named driver and two years under my own name.

“For the first year under my own name which was insurance I took out on a provisional licence, it cost me €1250.

“Then last January, my insurance cost €900. So next week I have to renew my insurance, and one price I've got quoted so far is €1400!

“How am I supposed to be able to pay insurance with that much if it increases that much?

“And look how that quote is more expensive than my first year of being insurance! I've had no accidents, no claims or penalty points so I don't understand why I am being penalised so much?!”

Lucille Furlong was shocked by her quote: “Mine went from €298 up to €404!!

“Some quotes I got were almost €200 in the difference. I'm 40, nine plus years driving and no claims bonus for the same period and I've no penalty points and never had!! Ridiculous.”

While Elaine Culloty’s quote more than doubled: “I went from €520 to €1400 same car and nothing different.. fully qualified six years and never had to pay over €600.”

However some readers revealed that shopping around helped them save money.

John McHale said: “Shop around, it’s easy to switch insurance companies. Last year Liberty increased my renewal and couldn't tell me why when I challenged them so I switched to Zurich who were just over €100 cheaper than my original premium with Liberty.

“Then this year Zurich increased my renewal bit again they couldn't tell me what the reason was so I shopped around and switched to for €313 for fully comprehensive, which was €140 cheaper than my original premium with Zurich.”

Sean Carolan said: “Seems to me you need to switch insurer each year to make a saving - was over €100 cheaper for me to switch this week than stay with previous insurer - really is worthwhile ringing around for a few quotes.”

Paula Fegan said: “In my experience a company will give you a good quote the first year you ring them in order to get your business and then automatically hike it up the next year hoping it takes too much time and effort for you to shop around for a new quote.

“Chopping and changing every year is the only way to keep costs down but it's a pain in the backside and can take hours to go through quotes from all the different companies.”

Has the cost of your insurance increased dramatically this year? Or have you managed to save money by shopping around? Share your experience in the comments below.

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