Saturday 21 April 2018

Money talks...Rubberbandits: 'My bank manager kindly expresses my bank balance as a texture.'

Louise McBride

Louise McBride

The Rubberbandits are an anarchic comedy duo from Limerick city. The plastic bag-wearing pair - known as Blindboy Boat Club and Mr Chrome - shot to fame with their song Horse Outside over Christmas 2010.

More recently, they presented a crash course in Irish history in The Rubberbandits' Guide to 1916, which was aired on RTE 2.

The duo have also performed in gigs around the country and had a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014.

What is the most important lesson about money which your career in music and comedy has taught you?

Never accept bent fivers.

What's the most expensive city you've ever had a gig in?

We did a gig in Zurich where all the lighting equipment was powered by zinc - at a time when the market value of zinc was at an all time high.

Apart from property, what's the most expensive thing you have ever bought?

Hot air balloons - we invested almost everything in a hot air balloon company in Malta which left us severely in debt.

What was your worst job?

Syphoning petrol out of lawnmowers with chip shop straws and then setting warehouses on fire with those mouthfuls (for insurance fraud).

What was your biggest financial mistake?

Investing in a fiver-bending machine - bent fivers were huge after 9/11 as people didn't trust regular fivers anymore. We were left with trucks full of bent fivers that had to be thrown in a lake.

What was your best financial killing?

I shot a tenner in a woods with a bow.

Do you use any money saving apps?

Yes, dollarzoid, mantcoin, and hyperflap.

Do you have an Android or iPhone?

Both - one for each pocket to balance myself.

Do you have a mortgage? Is it fixed, variable or tracker?

I've an oval mortgage.

Have you ever made an insurance claim?

Loads. Non-stop.

Would you buy Irish property now?

Non-stop man, addicted to it. Up to my balls in it.

Do you know how much is in your current account?

I'm terrified of numbers so it's very difficult to check. Luckily, my bank manager kindly expresses my balance as a texture.

Have you ever switched utility provider?

Again, addicted to it.

Do you use iTunes or Spotify?

iTunes for the jazz, Spotify for the metal.

What was the last thing that you bought online?

A yard of hairdryers.

Do you pay in cash or by card?

Wet coins.

Do you ever haggle?

Yes, I use a haggling technique from Keynesian economics known as hammer laughing.

Are you better off than your parents?

Not sure man. They were born when pounds are around - totally different currency.

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