Tuesday 21 November 2017

Money Talks: 'I leave the haggling to my wife - she's ace'

Seamus Moran

Seamus Moran
Seamus Moran
Louise McBride

Louise McBride

Actor Seamus Moran played bistro owner Mike Gleeson in Fair City for 12 years and recently portrayed a philandering, irresponsible bookie in TG4's Rásaí na Gaillimhe. He is presenting a new series of Hollywood in Éirinn on TG4.

What is the most important lesson about money that your career as an actor has taught you?

What a rainy day feels like. Our parents always lectured us to "save for a rainy day" but they never told us what that rainy day would look like. Then, of course, one man's rainy day is another man's light shower.

Are you better off than your parents?

Financially, probably. We have more disposable income but they had a much better quality of life.

They lived in the country and despite the difficulties in the 1980s, their kids were able to get work and move out of home, something my own adult children can't do.

I'll probably have to work till I'm 70.

Apart from property, what's the most expensive thing you have ever bought?

A family car - never extravagant, always practical. For myself, I once bought an expensive, light-framed triathlon bike when I was younger.

What was your worst job?

Digging holes for ESB poles in a valley near Louisburgh. It was the summer after my Leaving Cert and the midges ate me alive!

What was your biggest financial mistake?

I produced and co-financed a tour of a Ray Cooney farce Caught In The Net in 2007. The director, Mark Lambert was deservedly nominated for an Irish Times Theatre Award but the production lost a packet.

What was your best financial killing?

I won €150 once on a horse race. It was a hot tip, which I usually ignore, however, this one came almost directly from the horse's mouth.

Do you use any money-saving apps?

I am not aware that I use any apps. I do use WhatsApp very occasionally. And saving? What's that?

Android or iPhone?

I have an old iPhone 4 that my daughter gifted me so we could stay in touch while she was in Australia.

Do you know how much is in your current account?

Just enough to keep the bank from phoning me at work.

Have you ever made an insurance claim?

Once. Last year, I came off my bicycle at a roundabout that was under repair. I went through the Personal Injuries Board seeking compensation for physio treatment and a new pair of jeans. My claim was refused. The whole process took over six months. I hadn't the time, energy or money to go down the legal route. I feel sorry for anyone who is forced to make a serious insurance claim.

Have you ever switched utility provider?

Yes. Just last year. It's under review as the locked-in contract ends in July. I'm not sure we're saving much.

iTunes or Spotify?

Neither. Some CDs. Mostly cassettes.

What was the last thing you bought online?

Tickets for the Dublin Film Festival, which was quick and smooth. I tried to help my son get Ed Sheeran tickets.

Do you have a mortgage? Is it fixed, variable or a tracker?

Yes. A tracker.

Would you buy Irish property now?

No. I'd like to sell up and relocate. But if you're young and can get a mortgage and it's going to be your home for 10 years then yes. Mortgage repayments will almost certainly be less than rent. But getting a mortgage has become ridiculously difficult.

What's your favourite Irish coin?

The really old florin [two shillings] with the salmon on it. I think it was still in circulation with the 10p coin until the mid-90s.

Do you ever haggle?

I try and I have to in my business dealings but I'm terrible. I always see things from the other person's point of view. I leave all important haggling to my wife. She's ace.

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