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Wednesday 22 January 2020

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OK, so it sponsors the rugby, the Point and a stack of GAA stuff -- but it's still not very good value. O2's dongley thing is the most expensive deal offered by the major players -- including Meteor, Vodafone and 3. Average monthly cost calculated by

Best: Imagine Wimax 3mb €14.17

Avoid: O2 Clear 3Mb €21.48

Saving: €87.72 per year

contact or call 1890 9299007

Learner driver insurance

Not even Jim Corr could deny the irreversible damage caused by a learner driver to a shiny new clutch. Fully comp cover for a 50-year-old Carlow woman with no points or claims for five years, driving a 2007 Fiat Punto 1.2L worth €9k. Parked off road. Excess €200, and alarmed. And with an 18-year-old female named driver who has had her provisional licence for one year. No claims or points. No cover for death rays. Quotes from

Best: Quinn €813 per year

Avoid: AXA €1,320.00

Saving: €507 a year

contact or 1890 89 1890

Super-duper health cover

Gold-plated health cover gets you a private room in a top private hospital. All the nurses look like Amy Huberman and you'd almost be safe eating the food. Quinn has a sneaky 3 per cent surcharge if paying monthly (nearly €70 a year in this case). Quotes from

Best: Quinn Essential Gold €2,215

Avoid: VHI Plan E €2,832

Saving: €617


Mortgage protection

Only seven months to go until the new Lansdowne Road stadium reopens. Ever wondered how Aviva could spend so much on buying the naming rights? Here's a hint. Have a look at how much it charges for mortgage protection... double the price of the best deal on the market for decreasing cover on €75,000/15-year cover for two 40-year-old non-smokers. Quotes from

Best: Zurich Life €10.12 per month

Avoid: Aviva €20

Saving: €118.56 per year

contact or 01-7992711

Pet insurance

Cover for a three-year-old male mongrel in Rathfarnham, Dublin 14. The beast is untagged, and has no health problems. Excess €150. Online insurer has a dirt-cheap accident-only premium of €83.95 -- but doesn't Fido deserve the best?

Best: premium €149.92

Avoid: Allianz €157.21

Saving: €7.29

contact or 1890 221123

Life insurance

Chances are that you won't get rubbed out unless you have a big policy. Probably not the best selling point for life cover. A policy worth €400,000 over 20 years for a 45-year- old male smoker. is offering a fairly chunky 60 per cent discount in the first year. Year two isn't quite so pleasant.

Best: €477.75 per year

Avoid: Canada Life €1,554.36

Saving: €1,076.61

contact or 1890 30 20 20

Whoops, sorry...

Last week's figures for the interest paid on an €80,000 lump sum lodged with Investec, Permo or Ulster were plum bonkers and horribly wrong. Sorry. Sadly, 3.6 per cent is about as good as you'll get.

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