Monday 19 November 2018

Me and my money: Oliver Callan

The RTE writer admits to squandering his cash on eating out and isn't planning on a pension

Me and my money Oliver Callan

Having been close to buying a home recently, RTE's Oliver Callan now finds his biggest expense is rent.

"I don't own my own home, but I was just a signature away from buying a house over a year ago but then I changed careers in the middle of it which made the future too uncertain to go ahead with the purchase. I'm glad I stalled on it now, since it looks like the property dream has come to an end in Ireland," he said.

"The rent is my biggest expense. Or as my mother calls it, the 'dead money'.

"I had no SSIA, I was still in college when it began and that's not a period when you've the greatest financial sense.

"I really squander a lot of money on food. I have a nasty habit of never checking the prices of meals or wines in restaurants and lose all sense of value when dining out. I'm also a devil for slapping a few DVDs on with the groceries.

"My car was the biggest purchase I've ever made, it's a second-hand Audi and caused me a lot of trouble at first so I initially regretted it, but now the electrics are sorted out, we're inseparable.

"When I was in college I splashed out €600 on a bicycle with grand plans to use it frequently. Usually those plans go astray, but in fact I do use the bike most days.

"I have my savings but I am never planning on having a pension. Let's face it, the banks simply take your pension money and gamble it on a variety of investment schemes. Why not do it yourself and control your own pension?"

Oliver Callan is writer and performer on the 'Nob Nation' comedy series on 'The Gerry Ryan Show' on RTE 2fm.


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