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Saturday 19 October 2019

Me and My Money: Joanne Cantwell

RTE presenter kicked to touch on SSIA scheme but managed to get over it with amazing holiday

Shane Hickey

Like many people who have bought an apartment in recent years, RTE sports presenter Joanne Cantwell has found there to be a sting in the tail.

“Management fees for said apartment are my biggest waste of money.

“Okay, it’s not by choice, but it definitely feels like a giant waste of money,” she said.

“The apartment was my best-ever buy.

“I feel so lucky to be on the dreaded ‘property ladder’. We bought it four years ago.

“It seemed like a good buy at the time, but as we look to move onwards and upwards, apartments don’t seem to be selling too well, so on reflection, a house might have been a better option at the time.

“I absolutely adore our apartment, though.”

At that time the government launched the SSIAs, however, plans to buy her own home took over from investing in the scheme.


“Foolishly I didn’t take out an SSIA. We were buying our apartment when the SSIA offer came around, so I decided taking on a mortgage and a savings scheme at the same time was a bad idea — I was wrong, but it’s too late now,” says Joanne.

“I have a pension, which is on hold, because I’ve switched employers recently, but it’s so vital to get it up and running again.

“I don’t drink, smoke or even socialise all that much, so it only seems fair that I should go big on holidays.

“My husband, Shay, and I love to travel. We don’t go on many holidays per year, but when we go, we like to do it properly.

“Our best one was our honeymoon when we went to Singapore, Sydney, the Whitsundays, New Zealand and Las Vegas all in the one trip — a lot of travelling, but very worth it.

“We’re hoping to go back to New Zealand this year — it’s amazing.

“I prefer a quiet night in watching a match or to watch a good movie than going out.

“I love going to the cinema too, but I don’t like pubs or clubs at all — I’m very, very boring!”

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