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Me and My Money Damien McCaul

AFTER seeing a substantial amount of his money going into the pockets of pub owners, radio presenter Damien McCaul has grown wise.

"Up until very recently I wasted a ridiculous amount of money on drink, going out, and taxi fares," he said.

"It all just adds up and the cost of a weekend out in Dublin would really break your heart after a while. I may have wasted a bit of money in my time, but I think I've learnt my lesson now.

"I don't spend as much on going out as I used to. Unfortunately, you get to a stage where you have more important financial commitments.

"I eventually copped on that I might as well be putting my money in the bin and so now if I am going out I prefer having a good meal and drinking some fine wine."

And while he did not sign up for an SSIA, he has made some positive investments in the past.

"I bought my house in Glasnevin almost seven years ago now for Irl£130,000 (€165,000)," said Damien.

"I am delighted that I bought it then and it is probably the best investment I have at the moment. I can honestly say I wouldn't have a hope if I was trying to buy a house in today's market.

"I'm quite good at planning for the future and have a pension fund with Standard Life.

"I haven't really made any large spending mistakes. I have a habit of always getting the guilts immediately after buying something expensive but after a day or two, I get over that quite well.

"Apart from my house, I would have to say my best purchase would be an old electronic dictionary/thesaurus that I have had for nearly 20 years now. It is a life saver - everybody should have one."

A large amount of his disposable cash now goes on holidays.

"Holidays are a very important part of my life and I always have some money put aside for my next adventure. Without holidays I would probably go mad," he said.

"I am lucky in so far as I work irregular hours and days and as I am in Q102 at weekends I can always plan a mid-week break to recharge the batteries if needed. My record so far is five holidays in one year but I hope to break that soon!

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"I think I'd have to say Italy is my favourite destination. I've been there several times and hope to head back soon. The scenery, people and the atmosphere makes it one of the most beautiful places I've ever been."

Damien McCaul is presenter of the 'All Request Weekend' on Dublin's Q102

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