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Thursday 18 January 2018

Make Me Richer with Nick Webb

New Call of Duty video game

Call of Duty
Call of Duty
Nick Webb

Nick Webb

The latest instalment of action-packed shoot-'em-up video game Call of Duty hit the shelves last week. There was a pretty chunky variance in price between some of the main outlets, with big supermarkets coming in to splatter the specialist gaming outfits. As with all of these supermarket special offers, there's very limited stock. Tesco is selling XBox 360 Call of Duty for €54.99 or €49.99 if you spend €25 or more in store.

Best: Supervalu €44.99

Avoid: Gamestop €64.99

Saving: €20

contact: or local stores


It'd be no surprise to learn that most vets travel to work in a Lear jet. Vet fees are seriously expensive, especially if you've a malingerer for a pet. Difficult to regift a pet, so getting insurance for nasty vet bills is worth considering. There's a huge difference in the prices available on the higher end policies. Cover for a six-year-old mastiff.

Best: Premier Cover €195

Avoid: Allianz €401.88

Saving: €206.88

contact: or 0818 286 454


It may seem utterly pointless to switch petrol station for a cent or two per litre. But over a year, it really mounts up. Check out to find the best value petrol. Filling up a standard 70-litre tank for something like a Ford Galaxy every week can cost up to €222 over a year. We're comparing the cheapest and most expensive prices nationwide, based on quotes from November 4.

Best: Applegreen, Mallow 148.8 cent per litre

Avoid: Topaz, Dundrum 154.9

Saving: €4.27 per tank



There's a tiny sliver of land on the east coast where house prices are just going up and up. Pent-up demand from 2008 onwards is bursting free, with cash-rich buyers pushing prices up. There are even some signs of banks agreeing to lend money for mortgages. Upwardly mobile accountants or software tycoons with spotless credit ratings, no kids and an iceberg-sized deposit are actually getting mortgages. For a couple borrowing €350,000 over 30 years on a €1m house. Ulster Bank's special U-First account comes with a perk of having a discounted mortgage rate. Worth going for in the long run.

Best: Ulster Bank discounted variable €1,640.83 per month

Avoid: ICS Existing business €1,836.33

Saving: €2,346 per year

contact: or local branches


You'd want to be slightly mad to buy insurance or mortgage protection from your bank. It's not exactly a bank's day job selling insurance and that's why it's more expensive. Going online or to a broker is a far cheaper way. We've compared the best bank rate – which was from AIB – and the best broker price-matched quote on a joint life mortgage protection policy on a €500,000 loan.

Best: Caledonian Life Price-matched €50.84 per month

Avoid: AIB €56.43

Saving: €67.08 per year

contact: or local broker

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