Saturday 24 February 2018

Make me richer: Holiday snaps, wasps, cars, insurance

SNAP HAPPY: Please don’t feed the Mounties
SNAP HAPPY: Please don’t feed the Mounties
Louise McBride

Louise McBride

You and your hubby are just back from a three-week holiday in the Canadian Rockies. Your husband drove you mad with his constant snapping while away.

Holiday Snaps

His inability to pass by a mountain lake or wandering moose without taking a million photos added a few hours to every hike. And you’ve never been so sick of sporting fake smiles. However, some of his photos turned out to be real gems so you’re going to develop them. You’re happy to upload them from his digital camera to an online photo shop. For 100 6x4 prints and delivery to your door:

Best Aldi Photo Service €10.99

Avoid Snapfish €17.95

Saving €6.96


Wasp nest

You’ve still got the scars from the time you used a hoover to get rid of the wasp nest in the attic. Those nasty yellow-and-black striped things are back again — but this time, they’ve made your porch their home. They must remember you and your hoover too because they go for you every time you walk out the door of your Dublin home in Walkinstown. You need a professional to get rid of them now. Bear in mind, however, that you could pay almost twice as much to book a pest control company over the phone rather than online.

Best €60 Rentokil (online)

Avoid €100 Rentokil (over the phone)

Saving €40


Car inspection

Much as you’d like to, you can’t hook your local car dealer up to a lie detector. And you know that if you take his word on the second-hand Honda CRV, it will probably explode half-way home. You’d be a fool not to call out a mechanic to give it the once over before you buy it. For a pre-purchase inspection of this 4x4 in a Bray car dealer’s:

Best €120

Avoid AA €279

Saving €159


Home insurance

You got rid of your extra-sensitive alarm recently because the neighbours complained every time it went off. Yes, it kept the burglars out but even the wind set it off — not to mention your restless cat. This leaves you at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to home insurance quotes, as you can’t get the alarm discount you used to. For a home in Waterford city worth €230,000, you want buildings cover of €180,000, €30,000 contents cover, an excess of €300, and cover for accidental damage. You and your hubby are both 37-years-old and haven’t made a claim in the last five years.

Best Chrome Insurance €200

Avoid AXA €413.72

Saving €213.72

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