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Monday 22 July 2019

Make Me Richer: HD Television

Simon Zebo
Simon Zebo

Paul O'Donoghue

So the Ireland-England match is on today, but you didn't manage to snag an elusive ticket. However, all is not lost. You can still enjoy both the match and George Hook's latest wacky tie in the comfort of your own home with a new TV, and the Samsung UE40H5500 is one of the best value sets on the market.

Best: €449.99, D.I.D Electrical

Hmm: €599, Telfords Electronics

Save: €149.01

Washing machine

If you're not the rugby type there are plenty of other ways to spend your weekend. Doing the washing up, for example! But disaster strikes and your Civil War-era machine dies on you mid-wash. Grab a Bosch Avantixx WAQ283S1 and your Sunday entertainment will be back in no time.

Best: €459, Electro City

Hmm: €719, Littlewoods Ireland

Save: €260

Home insurance

Cover for a year for a 61-year-old living in Co Kerry for a house worth €195,000, with buildings cover of €150,000. The house has no alarm, but the proposer has had no claims for five years. The policy includes €23,000 contents cover and an excess of €300.

Best: €200, Chrome Insurance

Hmm: €329.66,

Save: €129.66 a year


Your washing machine isn't the only thing from a bygone era. Although your Nokia 3210 still plays Snake well, its streaming abilities are surprisingly limited. If you haven't bought into the phablet trend, the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is one of the best phones on the market that will fit into your pocket.

Best: €459.99, Orange Store

Hmm: €579, Littlewoods Ireland

Save: €119.01

Mortgage payments

If you're a first-time buyer purchasing a house worth €210,000, lucky you, you'll come in just under the Central Bank's new mortgage cap and be allowed to borrow up to 90pc of the mortgage. What is the best monthly repayment rate for a mortgage worth €180,000 on a variable rate paid back over 20 years?

Best: €1,100.27 a month, KBC

Hmm: €1,182.95 a month, Danske Bank

Save: €82.68 a month

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