Monday 22 January 2018

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A GOOD WALK RUINED: Anyone for a round?
A GOOD WALK RUINED: Anyone for a round?
Gavin McLoughlin

Gavin McLoughlin

The economy’s coming back and you want to close a few big deals. The links is a good place to do business. Buy the Big Max IQ golf trolley to save you hauling your clubs around on your back. It’ll give you more energy to work over your potential partner.

Best: €199, McGuirks Golf

Hmm: €219, Littlewoods Ireland

Save: €20 — enough for a round of drinks after the game.

Steam Cleaner

Those of you who are allergic to elbow grease have got a new best friend — the Karcher SC1020. Blast the dirt off your floor or other hard surfaces with a dose of good old steam.

Mops are so last century.

Best: €97, Hunt Office

Hmm: €207.43, Joe McKenna’s

Save: €110.43 — enough for a pair of concert tickets, for use in the spare time you get from the steam cleaner.

Memory stick

An absolutely essential piece of kit in a time when so much of our important data is stored on computers. This column knows a poor soul who lost a year’s worth of college notes the week before his exams because he hadn’t backed up his data. Don’t put yourself in that position. The Sony ProDuo Mark 2 will store 4 gigabytes.

Best: €16.24, Micro Aid

Hmm: €24.95, Hall Cameras

Save: €8.71 —  enough for a decent spread in McDonald’s

Outdoor speakers

Do you have irritating neighbours? Are you the kind of person who bears a grudge? Would you like to blast the neighbours with loud music from your back garden? Perhaps the Yamaha NS-AW592 pair will help.

Best: €199.98, Richersounds

Hmm: €229.99, Savins Music Centre

Save: €30.01 — which will go some way towards meeting your legal costs when you get sued.

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