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Thursday 14 November 2019

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Carry on Glamping: Romance? Under canvas?
Carry on Glamping: Romance? Under canvas?

Paul O'Donoghue

Camping tent. We're officially out of winter now, so it's time to start planning for that romantic weekend away camping. Make sure that you and your significant other are kept tucked up nice and warm when the (surely?) inevitable polar vortex hits. Despite its vaguely terrifying name, the Vango Banshee should ensure that you both go home with at least your underwear dry.

Best: €136, The Scout Shop

Hmm: €177, Littlewoods Ireland

Save: €41


An essential when camping, a good backpack is almost as vital as a good snow jacket for braving that surely, definitely, completely inevitable polar vortex. If you don't fancy splashing out on a €100+ model with all the bells and whistles, the Adidas Backpack Power 2 does a completely serviceable job.

Best: €30, Littlewoods Ireland

Hmm: €37, Debenhams Ireland

Save: €7

Tumble Dryer

Despite it being March, you'd still be optimistic to rely on your back garden line to ensure that your best suit is dried for that extra-important work interview. Get yourself a Siemens iQ300 dryer and bask in the warmth of your freshly dried special interview socks.

Best: €429, Redmond Electric

Hmm: €459, Joyces

Save: €30

Mortgage Protection

With house prices just starting to slow down, if you're one of the lucky few who have recently nabbed a decent pad you're wallet is already probably very light and you need to save where you can, such as your mortgage protection. Cover for a 35-year-old female smoker for a €400,000 mortgage over 35 years.

Best: €49.53 per month, Royal London

Hmm: €57.47 per month, Irish Life

Save: €7.94


If your interview socks aren't enough, you might want to crank up the heating a bit. There are some good deals out there to be had and although Bord Gais runs some solid packages if you pay direct debit, give their fixed rate one a miss.

Best: €847.29, Energia (one-year fixed contract)

Hmm: €993.53, Bord Gais (one-year fixed contract)

Save: €146.24 (over one-year contract)

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