Wednesday 20 November 2019

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CINEMA PARADISO: There's nothing like home cinema, no matter how primitive your set-up
CINEMA PARADISO: There's nothing like home cinema, no matter how primitive your set-up

Paul O'Donoghue

Surround Sound. It's still freezing outside, so there's no shame in curling up this evening and checking out a decent flick. Something like Boyhood should get you in the mood for Oscar season (and also has the added bonus of making you feel like a culture vulture).

Why not throw surround sound into the mix to better ape the cinema experience? The Samsung HW-H355 is one of the best quality speakers around, and can even connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Handy for when you're relaxing watching Independence Day before bedtime.

Best: €154.99, Richer Sounds

Hmm: €219, Harvey Norman

Save: €64.01

Portable Stove

However, maybe you're the hardy masochistic type and you decide to take a camping trip at some stage in the next few weeks,. If you are (and we here at Make Me Richer don't recommend it), make sure to be prepared. A small portable stove will make the world of difference, both for the taste of your food and your sanity. The Trangia 27-1 UL is a good shout, and it even comes with its own gas burner.

Best: €91.99, The Scout Shop

Hmm: €129, Littlewoods Ireland

Save: €37.01


On the other hand, if you prefer your electricity indoors, it's probably time to give last month's bill a closer look. There are almost always better deals out there, and it's no fun getting squeezed by your provider while your neighbour gloats about their savings. Prices compared are based on average usage over a one-year contract paid by direct debit.

Best: €1,060.86 a year, Electric Ireland

Hmm: €1,217.44 a year, Bord Gais

Save: €156.58 a year

Furniture Delivery

You've finally decided to replace your granny's 600-year-old couch that has been sitting in your living room since the dawn of time. However, you don't fancy lugging your new prized possession from the shop to your sitting room. We looked at delivery costs for a €1,200 couch bought in store.

Best: Arnotts, free

Hmm: €49, Harvey Norman

Save: €49


For the disorganised among us, printing is a pain in the . . . neck. Who has time to get up early to print off that important shares report when there are precious extra minutes of sleep to be had? We checked the price of the Epson Expression Premium XP-520.

Best: €79.95, Komplett

Hmm: €109.99, Pix Mania

Save: €30.04

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