Sunday 21 January 2018

Winners and losers: Stay at Homers

Cost of living down 2.4 per cent over 12 months
National average down 2.1 per cent

The late 20 or early 30-somethings who haven't flown the coop yet continue to do better than most others in the State, with their cost of living falling faster than the national average.

The cost of going to nightclubs has fallen 3.4 per cent in the last year, but going to see Robin Hood or Iron Man 2 is more expensive with cinema prices up 2.1 per cent over a year. Booze is 8.1 per cent cheaper but the worm has turned, with both wine and spirits rising in price between March and April this year. Beer prices fell, though.

Cigarettes and tobacco increased by a modest 1.2 per cent. Eating out and going to the pub is 2.2 per cent cheaper than it was a year ago. Condoms are also that bit less expensive, drooping by 0.4 per cent in the last month alone.

Picking up a new Wii or swanky telly for the World Cup is cheaper, with electrical and audiovisual gadgets falling by 12.7 per cent in a year. That fall is even bigger over the past two years with prices down by 24.6 per cent.

The stag night in Bratislava is less affordable, with holidays abroad rising 2.8 per cent. Insuring the Vespa is vastly more expensive, with motorbike insurance up 19.8 per cent. Public transport costs have risen 2.6 per cent but taxi fares are flat.

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