Friday 20 April 2018

Typical savings funds

If you're considering some type of savings or investment fund but are confused about the terminology, here's a brief guide:

The deposit fund

The deposit fund's objective is to achieve steady, secure growth with the emphasis on security through investing in deposits. This fund is suitable as a temporary home for money when markets are volatile.

The cautiously

managed fund

The cautiously managed fund is suitable for investors who are prepared to accept a low level of risk for the prospect of a more attractive return than that offered by deposit type accounts. It invests mainly in bonds denominated in euro, issued by sovereign

states and corporates.

The managed fund

The managed fund is for the investor who is looking for a spread of investment and long term growth. Through a carefully managed selection of equities and securities the fund aims to outperform returns from banks and building societies.

The managed

growth fund

The managed growth fund is for the more adventurous investor. It aims for a higher return

than the managed fund through investing more heavily in equities.

The unit-linked fund

The unit-linked fund is an investment plan that combines your money with money from other investors and buys units in a fund. The number of units you get depends on how much you invest and the price of the units at the time you buy.

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