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Two firms now provide dedicated cover for bikes

A bicycle is a highly useful item for any student but, until recently, the only option for insuring a bicycle against theft was to list it on your or your parents' contents insurance policy.

Now, there are two firms offering dedicated bicycle insurance, which may be a better option -- and indeed the only option -- for students with half-decent bicycles who can't get contents insurance.

The first dedicated bicycle insurance provider is Waterford-based Cyclesure. Like Chill.ie, it offers a policy that covers theft and accident damage, but also offers personal accident and public liability cover.

You can insure up to 10 bikes with a total value of €10,000, starting from as little as €20 a year for a bike worth less than €250.

According to its online quote service, a single bike worth €1,000 costs €82. A €600 bike would cost €50.

The other provider is online broker Chill.ie, for anyone who owns a bike worth up to €5,000.

Cover starts from €40, based on a bicycle priced up to €250. The premium rises to €77 for a bike costing €600; and €120 for a bike worth €1,000.

With both Cyclesure and Chill, the main condition is that bike must be secured with a purpose-made cycle lock that must meet the standards of 'Sold Secure' when left unattended, or stored in the policyholder's garage or shed.

Irish Independent