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The important items to check on your payslip

Gross pay. This is the amount you are paid before any deductions, so your first step should be to check you are being paid the agreed amount. Gross pay includes overtime, shift allowances and bonuses -- these are shown separately. PAYE. Problems can arise with your income tax if your employer does not have correct details of your allowances and tax credits.

Typical problems may relate to emergency tax being applied to an employee's full gross earnings, out-of-date tax credits, or tax credits you may not be entitled to.

  • PRSI contributions. You should check that your correct PRSI class is being applied. There are 11 different PRSI classes but most employees are in Class A; although there are several sub-categories. A PRSI rate table can be found at www.revenue.ie.

Some employees will pay different classes of PRSI during the year due to fluctuations in their gross pay. You should check this if you've taken a pay cut.

  • Other levies. Check that the correct rates of income levy and the health levy are being applied. The same goes for the pension levy for public sector workers.
  • Pension payments. If you're paying into a pension scheme, your contributions must be shown as deductions.
  • Check other deductions. Taxable benefits could include private health insurance, company shares, company car, sports or social club membership and employer loans. Non-taxable perks such as the bike--to-work scheme should also figure on payslips.

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