Monday 23 October 2017

Splashing out on Designer handbags and fighter jets

IF you're crazy enough to spend a few thousand euro on a designer handbag, you probably spend hours every evening checking the offers on eBay.

A Hermes Birkin 35cm Camel bag was on sale last week on eBay for €2,000 plus €75 postage. As the same bag could set you back about €6,500 in BTs, you can pick up designer handbags on eBay for about a third of the high street price.

Or you could just settle for a Prada Saffiano bag instead -- certain models are on sale in Brown Thomas for €995.

If you've got about €82,000 to spare, you could fulfil your fighter-pilot dreams by snapping up a rare two-seater Harrier jump jet on eBay.

The Harrier Jump Jet T-Bird Aircraft XW269, which was priced at about €82,000 on eBay last week, comes complete with cannon and missile storage pods.

This former RAF aircraft was first flown in 1971 and went on to fly on Nato Cold War training exercises.

The aircraft, which was last flown by the RAF in 1997, has since been restored to include a full re-paint with 4 Squadron markings. The front cockpit is around 80 per cent complete. Although the rear cockpit is fairly empty, it still has its instrument panel and the shell of an ejection seat.

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