Monday 23 October 2017

Some painless ways to help you put money aside

Pay yourself first. In other words, put aside money into your savings before paying bills and other essentials, if you can. Set up a standing order/direct debit or a salary deduction to a separate savings account. If you can put away money before you even see your monthly salary, you can more easily adapt to a slightly smaller income. Save for a specific purchase, such as a holiday, new car, house improvements, etc. This will be an important motivator for a habit that can otherwise be extremely boring. If you are the kind of person who spends money as soon as they have it, consider setting up a fixed-term account with limited or no access to your money for a fixed period rather than one that offers you instant access. Aim to set aside 10pc of your income each week or month as a general goal. If you have just paid off a large loan, consider continuing with the monthly repayments, except to a savings account. You'll already be used to not having this money every month anyway. Try using a piggy bank to save cash. Seriously. You won't be putting by a lot, but it will become reassuringly heavy with coins or stuffed with enticing euro notes. Then you can have the fun of fishing it all out and counting it. If you get a bonus or a windfall, save all or at least half of it.

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