Friday 22 November 2019

Smart phones

It's the easiest mobile phone network to spell -- and now it's got the top rates if you want to Facebook, Twitter or do whatever you do on your kickass new phone.

The 3 network now has "all you can eat" data in its €40 per month Flex Max plan. Given that you could clock up about 1gb watching telly on your phone for two hours, it's an absolute no brainer for heavy users.

Prices for someone using 2gb per month. Meanwhile, Vodafone has a lot to answer for! Whatever executive came up with astoundingly irritating (but addictively hummable) 'Blackberry Boys' jingle should be taken to the Hill of Tara for a ritual wedgy. Unless they are really big

Best: 3 Flex Max €40 per month

Avoid: Vodafone Perfect Choice plus data add on €65

Saving: €300 per year

Contact: or local stores

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