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SMART CONSUMER: 'I love that I can rent DVDS and it costs nothing'

Cathy Glavey has been a member of her local library in Tallaght for seven years. She uses it mainly for borrowing books, DVDs and "the Internet occasionally when mine is down".

She normally reads two to three books a month, so she estimates it saves her €30 each time over buying the same titles in a bookshop.

"Renting DVDs has become increasingly expensive, so I love the fact that I can rent up to 10 at a time and it costs me nothing. Sometimes I do this if I am sick or it's a miserable wet weekend."

But she says it's almost impossible to put a figure on the value she gets from attending some of the library's regular events throughout the year.

"There are exhibitions, book launches, craft classes, so to me there is no quantifiable financial value here, but if I was forced to put a figure on it, €30 each time?" says Glavey.

"And on many occasions, you get nibbles and wine. What more could you ask for?"

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