Monday 19 March 2018

Save money on: iPhone insurance, mortgage protection, gas bills, pet cover, car insurance and... mars bars

Did you see Enda's phone at the euro summit last week? Talk about austerity measures. If he can get us the same kind of deal as Greece gets, then we should club together to buy him something flashy like one of the new iPhone4S thingies.

But slick as they are, new smartphone are like catnip for youths in hoodies and other scallywags. It's expensive to replace a phone and the coffers are empty. No harm to insure them. Cover for up to five gadgets is actually cheaper than bog-standard iPhone cover from the high street.

Best: €79

Avoid: €165

Saving: €86

Contact or 0818 286 456

Mars bars

Yes, we know: a Mars a day helps you work, rest and play. You'd be the size of a Zeppelin if you had one every day. And be quite spotty. On the flip side, they are yummy.

There's a king-size price difference between retailers for chocolate. Some petrol stations and convenience stores charge €1.09 a bar!

Best: Dunnes 59 cent

Avoid: Londis €1

Saving: 41 cent

Mortgage protection

With the Presidency now sorted, it's back to more boring matters of State. And what could be more dull than mortgage protection. But you'll save loads of money by sniffing round for better deals.

Joint life assurance on a €450,000 mortgage loan over 32 years for a 41-year-old male and 39-year-old woman. Non smoker. Policy coughs up on first bucket kicked.

Best: First Credit Assurance: €92.76 per month

Avoid: Canada Life: €132.51 per month

Saving: €477

Contact or 01-6621640

Gas bills

The energy companies are almost as bad as the bankers. It's going to be a long, hard winter... but not for the executives at energy companies who will be counting the millions in profits. Comparison for someone spending €300 every two months on a normal Bord Gais tariff and paying by cheque. Quotes from

Best: Flogasnaturalgas direct debit €1,563.30

Avoid: Bord Gais standard €1,800 per year

Saving: €244.70


Pet cover

The little rascals might think eating a Biro is nutritional, but it's not. Pets get sick and cost lots of money, and most of the time the kids notice if you just buy a new one to replace a broken one.

Insurance to cover vet bills can make sense, especially if you have an accident-prone runt. Bog-standard cover for a two-year-old non-pedigree cat.

Best: Essential €69

Avoid: €137.92

Saving: €68.92

Contact or 0818 286 45

Comprehensive car insurance

What happens if your car has just floated off down the road in the latest flood? Cover for a 58-year-old Sligo woman driving a €15,000-valued 2010 Mazda 3 1.6l diesel with two points and no claims for five years. Parked off road. Alarmed. Excess €300. Quotes from Chrome Insurance.

Best: €343

Avoid: AXA €519

Saving: €176

Contact or 1890-211 123

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