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Reef it out quick savings account

Putting money on deposit for months at a time is looking like something for the brave as the euro gets wheezy. Instant access accounts mean you can reef everything out in a flash. But you might as well get a bit of interest while you're there. Everything should work out grand... according to the politicians and central bankers. Oh, wait a minute -- aren't they the ones who got us into this mess in the first place? A bunch of smurfs might make a better stab at fixing this mess. For €20,000.

Best: KBC Smart Access 3.25 per cent

Avoid: Permanent TSB demand account 0.01 per cent

Saving: €648

contact: www.kbc.ie or 01 664 6000

Ferry to France

When the ferry trip to France is just a means to an end and all you want to do is simply get to the sun, there are some pretty big price differences between ferry companies. Celtic Link isn't as grand as Brittany Ferries and it takes a bit longer to get to France... but it's way cheaper. For two adults and two kids travelling in early August with an inside cabin on the ferry. Celtic Link on the Rosslare to Cherbourg route and Brittany Ferries on the Cork to Roscoff route.

Best: Celtic Link €639

Avoid: Brittany Ferries €928

Saving €239

contact: www.celticlinkferries.com or 053 9162688

Car hire excess

Car rental firms are the work of the devil. Every single sneaky fee possible gets levied if you're not concentrating. The excess above which insurance kicks in is one of the most evil. But you can cover yourself against this with some smart policies. Not a bad idea if you're a rubbish driver on holidays. For two weeks in Europe.

Best: Carhireexcess.com 14 Days €41.85

Avoid: Dailyexcess.com 14 Days €87.78

Saving: €45.93

contact: www.carhireexcess.com or 0818 44 44 47

Overdraft interest

We own the remains of the EBS and the Permanent TSB thanks to their errant ways. The chances of the taxpayer getting anything back from them are somewhere between zero and.... zero. And some of them are charging us truly unpleasant rates for overdrafts too. For someone on a maxed-out €1,500 overdraft over a year. Figures from the NCA.

Best: EBS Moneymanager 7.93 per cent

Avoid: Permanent TSB Everyday account 16.3 per cent

Saving: up to €125.55 per year

contact: www.ebs.ie or local branches

Credit cards for students

No offence to any self-respecting students.... but they really shouldn't be good for loans or borrowing. That's probably why the banks take them to the cleaners when handing out shiny little credit cards. They'll be paying back loans until they are about 90 years old at these rates. On a €450 unloved card with stamp duty and charges lobbed in. Figures from www.itsyourmoney.ie.

Best: National Irish Bank Student Mastercard 15.81

Avoid: Ulster Bank 34.6 per cent

Saving: Up to €84.55

contact: www.nationalirishbank.ie or local branch

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