Sunday 22 April 2018

Question of Finance: How can I be sure I'm covered for my holiday?

Q Due to the uncertainty over the Irish and European weather conditions in the last few months, my family and I have held off on booking our holiday until we could be relatively sure there would not be any major weather disruptions.

I am tentatively revisiting the idea of booking a holiday to France, but I am determined to give more attention than usual to my travel insurance purchase, to ensure I am covered. Could you advise?

A Your concern is understandable, and sorting out your travel insurance requirements early will benefit you in two ways.

Firstly, it will ensure you don't forget the insurance itself.

And secondly, because almost two-thirds of claims are for cancellations, you may need to make a claim before you even leave your house.

You should also take care in ascertaining the level of cover you need.

Obviously, if you are going on an adventure holiday in New Zealand, you will need significantly greater cover than a quiet week in the Isle of Man.

Read the terms and conditions before your final purchase.

Bring your policy documents on holidays, and keep them in a safe place -- these will have the contact details you need in the event of something happening to you, or your belongings.

Basic travel policies cover death, disability, repatriation, medical expenses as standard, but there are other coverages available, such as: personal liability; money; financial card misuse; emergency replacement of passport, visa, travel documents or driving licence; legal expenses; hijack etc -- these should all be considered before buying insurance.

Price should not be the deciding factor with a travel policy -- review the benefits, extensions and exclusions carefully.

- Ciaran Phelan. CEO, Irish Brokers Association.

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