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Online service offers pain-free way to tackle your tax return

A NEW online tax service offers an easy, economical and painless way to put your tax affairs in order.

PayLessTax.ie has launched an online tax service that is free for PAYE workers and costs from €239 for the self-employed.

Established by tax expert Cathal Maxwell, the firm is targeting PAYE workers, who do extra work that is not taxed at source, and the self-employed, who have to make their own returns to the Revenue Commissioners.

The free service for PAYE workers with no other income sources will allow taxpayers to find out if they are due a tax refund, and will demonstrate how to generate a tax refund.

The charge is €149 for PAYE workers who need to make a tax return, and have extra income that has not been taxed.

According to Mr Maxwell, a traditional accountant would charge between €600 and €1,500 for this service.

He claimed his Dublin-based firm's offering would revolutionise the tax returns process.

This journalist used the PayLessTax service and found it quick and easy.

Irish Independent