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Me and my money: Sonia O'Sullivan


Sonia O'Sullivan

Sonia O'Sullivan

Sonia O'Sullivan

SONIA O'Sullivan has had a varied experience in property markets around the world.

"I bought an apartment in Haverford, near Villanova (in Pennsylvania) where I went to college in the US, but never really got any value in it. I lived there on and off for three years then realised I wasn't going to spend much time in the USA so sold up without making any profit on the sale," she said.

"My house in London on the River Thames was my best ever buy. It has more than doubled in value in a very highly sought after area. I have lived there for 13 years and would find it difficult to part with this home.

"I had a couple of long-term investments in Australia to break into so I could have some cash for Christmas.

"I have an investment plan in the UK and in Australia. Hopefully, they are on the rise as they are in the more conservative savings sectors. I have a pension plan in the USA for when I am nearly 60 ... I have set up a few savings accounts for my children when they reach 18.

"If I could buy anything regardless of price, it would be a private plane with pilot, unlimited fuel and bedroom -- and large screen cinema would be just perfect.

"I bought some shares when Eircom first launched then sold them as they were approaching worthless. I never made any money on shares -- I don't have the time or patience to keep track of them, I am too busy to be checking the prices every day.

"If I won the lottery, I would ask my Mam and Dad if they would like a new house in Cobh, big enough so that we could all come to stay with the children each year."

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