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Me and my money: Patrick Feeney

SINGER Patrick Feeney has, like many people, been burnt by the downturn in the property industry.

"I bought a holiday home in Bundoran at the height of the boom and sold it during the bust. I lost a lot of money on it," he said.

"My own house in Gurteen, Co Sligo, has been my best ever buy. I bought it when I was 21 and I was very proud of myself. Home is where I'm happiest.

"I have a number of plans for the future, including savings and pension. I try to put about 50pc of my earnings into those plans every month.

"If you asked my Mum what my biggest waste of money is, she'd say my clothes. I am a bit of a fashion addict alright. But I tell her that in the industry I'm in, clothes are not a waste of money, they're an investment. She doesn't really believe me though.

"I'm a car fanatic. I made a decision some years ago to always have a good car because of the mileage I do. I'm on the road all the time. So the one thing I would never skimp on is a car.

"I own an Audi A5, 2010. It's a sports coupe model. It's like a home to me, and I love it. It cost me €59,000.

"I dabble in shares on an ongoing basis. I've won some and lost some. My close friend Padraig is into shares and he guides me along too.

"If I won the lottery, I would really set up my Mum and Dad so they wouldn't want for anything. I would use the rest of it to invest in my career, particularly in the US and Australia. I would dearly love to make it overseas."

  • Patrick has teamed up with Robert Mizzell and Jimmy Buckley to form The Three Amigos, who are on a 13-show tour of Ireland.

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