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Monday 20 January 2020

Me and my money: Padraic O Cuinn

Presenter eager to avoid slippery slope of renting now that house prices have taken a tumble

Padraic O Cuinn
Padraic O Cuinn

TG4 PRESENTER Padraic O Cuinn is finding that, even with the economic downturn, there are drawbacks to not owning your own home.

"Rent is my biggest spending mistake as I have yet to buy a property, but on the upside, I finally know what I want -- and property is cheaper," he said.

"My best-ever buy has been skiing lessons.

"I would never have figured it out on my own. I still need more though.

"My savings plan is my company.

"I hope it will be worth a lot of money some day. And I also try and lodge into a savings account, where I am getting 4pc interest in one of the bad banks.

"My credit card and general banking fees are my biggest ongoing waste of money. Much as I try to avoid them, I still get caught out.

"If I could buy anything, regardless of price, I would fund a worldwide environmental education programme, as I believe pollution is humanity's biggest challenge right now, along with population growth.

"I drive a diesel 05 BMW 5 Series Touring, as I wanted the extra space for my bike, kayak and wetsuit. I really like it. It cost me €15,000.

"I have yet to buy shares, but I am open to the idea. Shares in food and technology companies would be my first choice.

"If I won €5m in the Lotto, my first purchase would be to buy an open group ticket to travel the world with friends. I would start in Patagonia, a sort of 'Motorcycle Diaries' trip, but maybe on a bicycle instead.

"Right now, I would choose having more money over time off, but put it to good use.

"Cycling gave me a lot freedom to find myself and I really enjoyed that time."

  • Padraic O Cuinn is a presenter of the Tour de France on TG4.

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