Wednesday 23 May 2018

Me and my money: Nick Kelly

The filmmaker, songwriter and singer would prefer more time off than extra money

MUSICIAN Nick Kelly is clear that time off to do what he wants is much more valuable than more money.

"I'm not a particularly techie guy, but I have some existential guilt that as a musician in the 21st century I should be able record my own music rather than pay someone else to press the buttons. Hence there's a fair number of imposing recording gadgets still in their boxes in my study," he said.

"My best ever buy would have to be the £40 Concerter sunburst acoustic guitar I bought at the age of 14. I still use it in the studio sometimes where it regularly outperforms instruments 40 times more costly.

"My biggest waste of money? Sunday newspapers, bicycle lamps (lose them on a more or less weekly basis) and clip-on guitar tuners (ditto).

"I have a mortgage and, despite fairly deep reservations, a pension plan. And I do squirrel away little bits of money for future projects.

"If I could buy anything, regardless of price, it would be world peace, health and happiness for my friends and family, and, if there was any change, a Rickenbacker 12 string.

"We've a 2003 Honda Civic, bought second hand -- can't remember how much we paid. I mostly cycle, though. My last bike cost €200 second hand after my fancy €700 one was nicked.

"If I won the Lotto, I would pay off my mortgage, buy a really nice new bike with the strongest lock known to man, and take a trip to Antarctica. Money is not that important. Doing something fulfilling is priceless."

  • Nick Kelly is a singer, songwriter, musician and filmmaker. His current project 'Gestation' takes place on the last Wednesday of every month until May 2010 upstairs in Whelans, Dublin.

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