Friday 23 March 2018

Me and my money: Kristina Rihanoff

TV dancing star says she's strictly level-headed when it comes to keeping an eye on her finances

Kristina Rihanoff
Kristina Rihanoff

Star of 'Strictly Come Dancing' Kristina Rihanoff found the depreciation on a series of cars cost her dearly.

"I bought an expensive two-seater sports car and ended up selling it for much less money than I paid for it," she said.

"I really should have leased the car, not bought it, though I did have a great time driving it in the sunshine in LA for a while.

"My best ever buy came at the end of the last 'Strictly' tour when I was exhausted and tired so I treated myself to a blue Cavalli evening dress. It cost a small fortune which is unlike me but I've worn it out quite a few times and it's still my favourite dress.

"I do save because one day I'd like to buy a house for my mother in LA. She is financially dependent on me and I also support my aunt in Russia who is a widowed single mum. I want them all to be taken care of so I'm careful and level-headed.

"Rent is my biggest ongoing waste. It's a total waste of money. Due to my work I have to be in Central London but it is so expensive to buy property there.

"If I could buy anything, regardless of price, it would be a house. One in America, one for my family in Russia and a London pad for myself.

"More time off is more important than more money. Money really can't buy you happiness. To me, quality time with my loved ones is what's most important."

  • Kristina Rihanoff will be performing in 'Strictly Come Dancing' -- The Professionals Tour in Dublin's 02 between May 14 and 16.

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