Sunday 25 March 2018

Me and my money: John McGuire

'I bought my first house in '96 for €80,000. My friends thought I was mad to spend so much '

TV PRESENTER John McGuire found he wasted some money on new clothes before a change of lifestyle.

"I bought a few new suits before I gave up smoking and got injured doing weights. No smoking and no exercise equal new suits that won't fit," he said.

"My first house was my best ever buy. I bought it in 1996 for €80,000. My friends thought I was mad spending that much money on a house but it was my first rung on the property ladder and I ended up selling it and starting my first company with the proceeds.

"Since I gave up smoking I've been spending more money on takeaway coffees and teas than I was on the smokes.

"If I could buy anything regardless of price it would be a 1960 Aston Martin DB4 Zagato. There were only a handful of them ever made so it is far too rude an amount to spend on any car. It is, however, the best- looking car of all time.

"I drive a 1967 Aston Martin DB6. I bought it for £45,000 and then had the engine rebuilt, reupholstered the leather and had it resprayed. I then cheated a little by adding some modern stuff like suspension and a CD player.

"Checking stock prices was becoming addictive. I started checking them every half an hour for a couple of months. I then realised the return I got for the time I put in. I would have been 10 times better off selling 'The Big Issue'.

"If I won €5m in the Lotto, I'd invest it all tomorrow. There are tremendous investment opportunities at the minute. This is the time to buy everything.

"Cash is king now, more so than I have ever seen."

  • John McGuire is chairman of insurance provider and a former presenter of RTE2's property show 'I'm An Adult Get Me Out of Here'.

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