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Me and my money: Joanne O'Hagan


Joanne O'Hagan

Joanne O'Hagan

Joanne O'Hagan

Joanne O'Hagan, CEO of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, has found her greatest expense is similar to that of people all around the country.

"I have a horse -- which is like a bottomless money pit. It's a great hobby, so I wouldn't call it a waste of money, but it is one of my largest expenses," she said.

"I haven't really made a large purchase that I subsequently regretted. I'm fairly prudent about large purchases, but, like everyone, I have made dodgy choices when it comes to clothes.

"My best-ever buy was a little MX5 sports car that I had in my 20s. I drove the car into the ground, and it was always reliable. I loved it, and still regret having moved on to a 'grown-up' car.

"I bought my home in 2000, as I thought it was about time to join the property ladder before I was 30.

"It was a good buy, up until last year -- now it is just a normal investment. Actually, I thought it had gone all a bit silly when it reached its pinnacle, but now I'm sorry I didn't sell it at the time -- like the rest of the country.

"I have a small pension, which will probably be able to buy me a pint a milk in the future -- still waiting for my Lotto numbers to come in.

"Holidays are my guilty pleasure but, where possible, I look for deals on the net."

  • The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival takes place from February 18 to 28.

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