Wednesday 14 November 2018

Me and my money: Jacqui Hurley

Radio host loves to splash out on nights out and is happy to own a home despite its depreciation

Jacqui Hurley
Jacqui Hurley

RTE presenter Jacqui Hurley has a weakness for buying cameras and feels she sometimes wastes money on nights out.

"I try not to waste money, but I suppose going out is probably the biggest waste I can think of, considering all you have the next day is an empty purse and a hangover.

"I guess I have wasted a lot of money on cameras over the years. I honestly think I have bought and broken about 10 digital cameras.

"I bought a little black jacket on eBay about a year or two ago for about $30. It is absolutely amazing and every time I wear it, somebody compliments it. When I tell them how much it cost, they're usually more impressed and I think that's part of the reason I love it.

"My boyfriend Shane and I bought our house in May last year so I'm still relatively new to the whole buyers' market.

"Knowing I'll be in Dublin long term, it just didn't make sense to pay the high rental prices that are demanded.

"The house cost a little more than I expected but I think it was a good buy because it's close to work for both of us and in a great area.

"The value of the house has dipped slightly since we bought it, but we're very happy there and don't plan to sell for a few years so things will hopefully have picked up by the time we decide to move. I think it was probably the perfect buy for our first house.

"It's hard to say how much we spend on holidays. I usually go with the idea that it's a holiday, spend what you want and deal with the consequences when you come home. We love to travel so we try and go away at any opportunity we get.

"I would always be out at least one night a week. I love meeting friends, so socialising is something I don't really mind spending money on. I couldn't say what I spend on an average night out because it varies, but going out in Dublin is just so expensive these days, it's hard not to spend money."

Jacqui Hurley is the new co-host of RTE Radio 1's 'Sunday Sport', 2pm to 6pm

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