Sunday 10 December 2017

Me and my money: Aoife Coghlan

'My worst spending error made me sick but my best buy keeps me in good health'

ACTRESS Aoife Coghlan felt her worst spending mistake in her belly.

"I went for a meal in a very expensive restaurant and unfortunately I was ill afterwards.

"It was a terrible waste -- the oysters were a mistake and made the whole experience dreadful," she said.

"My best buy was a 1960s-style baby blue shift dress for €120. I have worn it countless times and it has often been borrowed by friends.

"To date, it has clocked up five weddings and three christenings.

"In short, I don't have a savings plan but I recently opened a credit union account, which I will keep my savings in and my next loan will be from them. I despise banks.

"I try not to waste the little money I have. But my biggest expenditure would be 'good' food. I come from a family of epicures and cooking is a huge part of my life.

"My mum always cooks from scratch and it is from her that I garnered the principles of using quality ingredients.

In no way do I see this as a waste -- but rather a necessity for good health and good life ahead . . . and mustn't forget to mention it's totally yummy.

"I can't drive, yet. Living in Dublin I have no real need for a car. But I have a beautiful bicycle, which aside from the batteries for the lights costs me very little to run with the odd minor repair from the toll of Irish roads.

"However, I eventually hope to own a Nissan Figaro... colour as yet undecided! I am with a co-operative actors' agency called Frontline and I do own shares in that. I have gotten work through the agency, so I guess I have made money on my investment that way."

  • Aoife Coghlan stars in Bondi Beach Boy Blue at the Tivoli Theatre in Dublin from August 10 to September 4.

Irish Independent

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