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Just under 2,400 households have paid the €100 new charge introduced in budget

A NUMBER of households have already paid the new €100 charge – which will eventually be replaced by a property tax, new figures show.

According to the Household Charge Project Board, 2,390 people have agreed to make the payment, the majority of which are doing so with a credit or debit card.

A further 400 have set up direct debits.

An online system – householdcharge.ie – has been established so households can register to make the controversial payment.

But the charge can be paid by postal order, cheque or at local authority offices.

Meanwhile, the campaign against the charge, which includes a number of politicians, has said it will step up its campaign against it.

It added it is confident that as many as half of households will not register for the charge.

The deadline for payment is March 31 and late penalties and fines will arise after that date.

Some people are exempt from the payment including those in local authority housing and ghost estates.