Sunday 18 August 2019

Danish firm to launch in healthcare market here


Liva Healthcare co-founder Rune Bech
Liva Healthcare co-founder Rune Bech
John Mulligan

John Mulligan

Danish firm Liva Healthcare, whose digital platform is being used in the UK by the NHS to help prevent and reverse chronic conditions including diabetes in patients, is about to launch in Ireland.

Co-founder Rune Bech said the company is engaged in discussions within the public healthcare and private insurance sectors here.

"We do not yet have ink on paper with an Irish partner, but we are in very close negotiations with several," he said. "It's looking really promising."

Liva Healthcare recently secured €8m in funding to help it expand its activities into new markets. It has a raised a total of $13.3m (€11.7m) since it was established. It's active in the UK, Denmark and Sweden.

The company's platform focuses on helping patients manage existing conditions, including diabetes, in an effort to reverse or stall them.

The platform encourages patients to change their lifestyles permanently, and they are contacted 24 times in a 12-month period by a health coach who monitors progress and encourages them to achieve goals. Those contacts include a one-hour face-to-face initial consultation and subsequent video or text-based interactions.

Conceivably, such digital platforms could enable health insurers to offer more tailored pricing of products depending on how customers are managing their lifestyles and conditions.

A trial of about 1,000 patients through a pilot with the NHS has proved extremely successful, said Mr Bech. He said that in Ireland, the company would like to enrol a minimum of 250 in its pilot programme to secure adequate data on its performance.

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