Tuesday 24 October 2017

Checking online can steer you in right direction

CHECK out and compare prices online here and in the UK.

If you are still not sure about the average Irish market values for your desired model, you can find out the "open market selling price" using the Revenue's online VRT calculator, which is based on regularly updated trade figures.

Check how much VRT you would pay on a UK car.

Use the Revenue's VRT calculator for this, but make sure you enter the exact specification, as even small differences can make a lot of difference to how much VRT you pay.

Talk to an Irish dealer first. Used car prices here have fallen and dealers are more than aware of the competition from UK imports, but thanks to reported problems with the supply of second-hand cars here, they may not be as flexible now.

Check the car's history. Unfortunately, many recent UK imports have turned out to be crashed, stolen, clocked or dodgy, so always check out its history before you hand over any money.

Many of the Irish car history check websites, such as Motorcheck.ie or the AA's Car Data Check, can link into UK car history databases so you can check out possible UK buys. Worth every cent.

Factor in other expenses. Besides the VRT, you should factor in the costs of travelling to see the car, the ferry trip back, the costs of new number plates, motor tax and an NCT test.

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