Monday 19 November 2018

'I've planted my own fruit and veg patch'

We asked some Irish celebrities how the recession is affecting them and what they're doing differently to try and cope with it:

Alan Cantwell, TV3 News Anchor

"Sure, I'm not even a celebrity -- what are you asking me for! Well, I no longer take taxis, for starters. I get the bus into town and the NiteLink home, or if I'm going somewhere with my wife I'll drive and leave the car and then cycle in the next day to pick it up.

"If I go out for dinner, it's for an early bird or a two-for-one offer but I've started entertaining at home a lot more. For that I'll buy my shopping in Lidl or Aldi and I'm not in the least bit ashamed to admit it!"

Baz Ashmawy, RTé Presenter

"Other than giving up cigarettes 'cause the price of them was so ridiculous, I haven't really changed my lifestyle that much. I wasn't one of the beneficiaries of the Celtic Tiger years, however, though I saw a lot of friends who were.

"It was ridiculous the way so many people had become so materialistic and, as awful as it is to see people losing their jobs all over the place, I think we really needed some sort of shake-up before things got totally out of hand."

Bernard Dunne, WBA Super Bantamweight World Champion

"Growing up in my household we always had to be careful about what we spent, so the recession hasn't affected me too badly.

"All this doom and gloom makes things worse, though, doesn't it? We just need to get on with it. People are far too greedy these days anyway. I've planted my own fruit and veg patches. Sure, it's all part of the fun and great for the kids to see how it's done."

Dirty Epics, rock band

"In short -- batteries. We always spend a fortune on batteries for use in our pedals and we used to change them every gig. Now we try get at least three gigs out of them, sometimes with disastrous consequences. Guitar strings, too. Haven't changed them in nearly a year.

"Also drugs and strippers. Only two strippers each after gigs now. Poor us."

Bill O'Herlihy, RTE Sports Broadcaster

"For those of us close to retirement, the recession is an absolute disaster in terms of pensions -- they've been savaged. I can see myself still coming to work with a white stick!"

Siobhan O'Connor, 98FM Morning Crew

"Shopping is definitely my weak spot but now Lidl is my favourite shop. I love nothing more than getting the Sunday papers with the weekly Lidl catalogue and cutting out all the special offers during the week!

"And my local pizza takeaway is certainly doing well out of me rather than going out to restaurants!"

Brian Ormond, RTE Presenter and Pippa O'Connor, model

"The recession is certainly affecting everyone. We find ourselves staying at home a lot more, having friends over for dinner and drinks rather than going into town as much as we used to. Stay positive and hopefully it all blows over."

George Hook, Newstalk anchor and rugby pundit

"People my age who were around in the 1950s have been here before and know what it's like. People who were around in the 1980s have been here before and know what it's like. I've been near bankrupt before, and here we are again, knowing what it's like. No doubt we'll be here again too."

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