Thursday 22 March 2018

Is it hard to switch for a better deal? What do you need?

Most of the energy companies want you as a customer so with the help of the Energy Regulator, they've arranged to make the process of switching as easy as possible.

To change supplier, you'll need your MPRN, which is a unique number for your home and can be found on the first page of your electricity bill. If you want to switch your gas supply, you'll need your GPRN, which again can be found on the first page of your gas bill.

You'll need a meter reading too. If you can take one from your own meter, that's best, but the reading from your most recent bill will do just fine.

And finally, you'll need billing information if you want to pay by direct debit. It is usually best to pay by direct debit if you can though because the best discounts are available to customers that pay that way, and you won't usually need to pay a deposit to your new supplier if you're a direct debit customer.

It takes around two weeks for a switch to complete, and once it does your old supplier will send you a closing statement which will be based on your meter reading. You'll need to pay that, and then all your bills will come from your new supplier.

So how do you get a better deal?

There are lots of ways to get a better deal, but one of the easiest is to use an accredited energy price comparison and switching service like That way you'll see all the deals that are available to you from all suppliers.

If you'd rather not use the internet, or you'd rather stay with your supplier, just call to see if they have a better deal.

One final word, though. If you've switched before, and it's been more than a year, your discounts may have run out – so now is a good time to check before the big winter bills kick in.

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