Monday 23 September 2019

'I'm even a miser when it comes to video games'


Comedian Steve Bennett
Comedian Steve Bennett

The comedian Steve Bennett is a regular performer at top festivals, including Edinburgh Fringe and Electric Picnic. He has won a number of comedy awards, including the Irish Comedian of the Year in 2016. As part of his current solo tour, he will be in the Roisin Dubh bar, Galway this Friday. For more details about him and his tour, visit

What's the most important lesson about money which your career has taught you?

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Not to need much of it. Though I know I'm far happier making a bit doing what I love than making loads doing something I don't love.

What's the most expensive country you ever visited?

Ireland. I'm never on holiday here but expensive stuff can't be written off as frivolous fun - like when you're on your holidays. I reckon inflation is engineered here to give us something to complain about.

Apart from property, what's the most expensive thing you have ever bought?

A laptop, maybe.

What was your worst job?

Any gig where they put me on after a dinner with banquet tables, which meant that half the seats were facing the other way. I have no idea why people running stuff think that's OK.

What was your biggest financial mistake?

I bought two super soakers (water guns) when I was about 14 and we didn't have a good summer for about six years so I grew out of them before they got to see battle.

What was your best financial killing?

I'm still waiting on it. This lad emailed me telling me he was in trouble and I was the only one who could help him, so I sent on my bank details. As soon as he's out of prison, I'll get my cut.

Are you better off than your parents?

Not at all - they're retired teachers. I'm an actual clown.

If you won the Euromillions, what would you do with the money?

I'd probably bank it and keep quiet - and continue my life without telling anybody. However, every now and then I'd just look real sound by paying for dinner with mates.

Have you ever made an insurance claim?

In college, I once crashed my bike into the back of a Jaguar. I knocked off the plastic bit on the boot that spelled the word Jaguar so the driver was upset in case people wouldn't know what kind of car it was. Something called public liability insurance meant it was covered.

iTunes or Spotify? Or CDs and records?

A bit of all four. I like having music saved on my computer because I fear the silence after the internet falls. I like CDs for the car. I've got mix CDs named Steve's Yell-Along Soundtrack.

What was the last thing you bought online?

A metallic polyhedral dice. I've developed a role-playing game called Dungeons & Naggins for people who are less scared of drinking than they are of being called nerds.

Are you a spender or a saver?

Saver. I'm even a miser when it comes to video games.

What three things would you not be able to do without if you were tightening your belt?

I live incredibly cheaply - my biggest expenses are rent and travelling for work. I really love the cheaper things in life: writing, gardening, people-watching, old video games, cooking, spending time with friends, watching terrible movies and drinking cheap booze.

Are you a materialistic person?

Yes, materials are my favourite. I love cottons and silks.

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