Saturday 14 December 2019

How bad spelling can save you a few bob online

Louise McBride

Louise McBride

Bad spelling could save you a fortune when buying something through an online auction.

Sellers often misspell words when putting something up for auction online. As most shoppers don't search for something using the wrong spelling, misspelt items are often overlooked. The seller's item isn't picked up, the item doesn't get much (if any) bids - and the seller is more likely to settle for a lower price as a result.

Mike Sheard is the man behind - a website where you can search for misspelt items on eBay.

The top ten 
misspelt words on eBay are designer, Kindle, Adidas, Samsung, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, laptop, jewellery, playstation, and Topshop, according to Sheard.

"There are over 4,000 items listed with 'designer' misspelled," said Sheard. "There are almost 22,000 items of jewellery with variations of the correct spelling."

The Sunday Independent searched eBay to see if any other words had been mis-spelt by sellers flogging goods there. We found that the word 'wedding dress' was often misspelt.

A lilac evening wedding dress - which had been 
misspelt "weding dress" by its vendor - was up for sale for €19.99. The dress, which had been described as "used once", had no bids when we checked it last week.

Owners of a Nissan Qashqai might save a few bob on car parts by shopping at online auctions. Sellers trying to flog car parts for a Nissan Qashqai on eBay last week had misspelt this car model as "Qashai", "Qasqhai" and "Qashqua".

Getting your timing right should also save you money.

"If you look at auctions that are ending at an odd time - maybe late at night or early in the morning - there will more than likely be less people looking at that item, so that may mean less bidders," said Eleonora Gandini, a spokeswoman for

Shopping mid-week could also bag you a bargain. "With less people bidding than the weekend, you have the opportunity to win an auction at a lower price," said Sheard.

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