Wednesday 19 June 2019

Households could save thousands by switching

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Charlie Weston

Charlie Weston

Households could save thousands of euro by switching a range of services.

Consumers could knock €5,000 off their annual household budget by moving to better-value providers of energy, mortgage and insurance services. Some of the biggest savings can be notched up on health insurance and broadband and TV services, according to a survey by price comparison site

Getting a better deal on those two expenditures alone could save a household €1,000.

Switching mortgage provider could mean savings on average of €200 to €300 a month. Getting one of the new business discounts for electricity and gas could mean cutting an annual energy bill by €267.

Opting for a current account that is less expensive would mean €120 less in fees and charges, according to

Mortgage insurance is another area where there are potential savings to be made.

Ex-smokers have been advised to review their life insurance cover. An ex-smoker who has been off cigarettes for over 12 months can apply for new cover on ex-smoker rates. These rates are often half the price a smoker is charged.

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