Thursday 23 May 2019

High college registration feesforce students to drop out

Louise McBride

Louise McBride

Three times as many parents as last year cannot afford to pay college registration fees and have said their children will have to drop out as result, according to a new survey on the costs of third-level education.

The survey, by the Irish League of Credit Unions, found that 6pc of parents whose children are already going to college can no longer afford registration fees - compared with 2pc in 2013.

About one in 17 parents cannot afford the registration fees, according to the survey.

Registration fees for the last academic year were as high as €2,500. However, the fees will rise to €2,750 for the upcoming academic year - and €3,000 for the year beginning September 2015.

Six out of 10 parents said they can just about manage to pay registration fees.

As well as grappling with high fees, the financial cost of sending a child to college has increased for many parents this year, as less students are qualifying for a grant and more of them are living away from home.

Just over four out of 10 students receive a grant - a 6pc fall on last year, according to the survey.

The number of students living away from home has risen by almost a third over the last year, and the average monthly rent for a student has increased from €343 in 2013 to €346 this year.

The biggest concern that parents of college-going children have is that their children won't get a job after their course. Misuse of alcohol was their second-largest worry. They were least worried about their child falling pregnant.

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