Monday 16 September 2019

Health insurance consumers catch a break as Laya announce further premium cuts

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Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

Consumers are catching a break this Christmas as Laya healthcare has announced its second reduction in its premiums in six months.

The cut in costs has become somewhat of a recent trend across the industry as rival players compete for their market.

Details of reductions across 15 schemes have been announced by Laya, falling by an average of 7.1pc.

The health insurance company also said that a new 'Family Value Offer' could save families up to €343 per child.

Meanwhile, one of Laya's more popular schemes - Flex 175 Explore - has been reduced by 5.6pc.

Recently, Irish Life Health reduced the price on a number of plans that will save typical families up to €270 a year.

Leading Irish market player Vhi also rolled out a number of price saving measures in the last year.

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