Thursday 22 August 2019

Half of working parents lose a week's work to childcare issues

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Jane Last

Jane Last

Almost half of working parents have missed up to five days of work in the past 12 months due to a lack of available childcare supports, a new survey says.

The survey, commissioned by, also found a third of working parents have "back-up" childcare arrangements if their child falls ill.

Grandparents or other family members are the most frequent when it comes to childcare arrangements, with some 37pc of working parents relying on them.

Créche or Montessori is the second most common form of childcare, with 30pc of families using them, while 21pc of those surveyed used childminders and 12pc used after-school clubs.

Respondents to the survey said some of their employers had introduced measures which took into account some of their family's needs, and demands on their time.

Some 31pc of employers offer parents flexible working hours, and 14pc say their employer permits parents to work from home.

Some 16pc of respondents said their employer allowed them to leave work early to collect their child from childcare, 37pc claimed to benefit from other forms of employer support, although fewer than 2pc claimed their employers provide a childcare subsidy or onsite childcare facilities. general manager Orla Moran said: "Employers need to understand that if they are to retain good employees and keep absenteeism low, they will need to provide adequate supports for every step of life's journey."

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