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Saturday 25 November 2017

Gadget insurance

If your bag is pinched and you've got a laptop, smartphone and ereader in it, it could be an expensive and unpleasant experience. Thankfully, some insurers are offering insurance on accidental damage or theft. The best we found was from, which offers cover for up to five gadgets including mobile phone, laptop, iPad, camera and DS Lite.

Best: €79

Avoid: Carphone Warehouse 'Lifeline' €165

Saving: €86


Credit card balance transfer

Credit card debt is prohibitively expensive -- in some cases, six times more expensive than the rate you pay on your mortgage. If you have a large lump sum that you can't pay off in one go, the answer is to transfer the balance to One Direct's credit card, where you're guaranteed a rate of zero per cent on all balance transfers for the first 10 months. On a balance of €1,500, this could save you €117.80 on MBNA's 'Standard' credit card.

Best: One Direct credit card €1,500 over 10 months

Avoid: MBNA's 'Standard' credit card €1,651 over 10 months

Saving: €151

Compare at

Transit van rental

There's nothing worse than the stress and hassle of moving home, except perhaps the stress and hassle of moving office. Whichever you're doing, repeated trips with a small car packed to the gills is a nightmare. A much better option is to rent a large commercial van and move all your gear in one go. If you shop around, there are some good rates to be had. We weighed up the options for a 24-hour van rental from a Dublin city centre location and got a great deal from

Best: €79.99

Avoid: €116.99

Saving: €37


Dublin Airport parking

The cost of parking is a major bugbear for many holidaymakers, with many choosing services like Citylink to get to Dublin Airport instead of paying for parking. The cost of parking has come down this year, however, and there are great deals to be had year-round on Surprisingly, though, the best deal at the moment is on the Dublin Airport Authority website, where two weeks' parking can be had for just €50, making it cheaper for two adults and two children to drive and park than to taxi it to Dublin Airport.

Best: €50

Avoid: Bewley's Hotel Dublin Airport €83.50

Saving: €33.50


Photo printing

While the advent of digital photography has been great for consumers, it's meant that many of us have hundreds if not thousands of photos sitting on our camera memory cards and computer hard drives, instead of in photo albums or on the wall at home. With the bargain prices now available from, you've no excuse not to get holiday snaps printed. We found the best deal for 200 6x4 prints on matt or gloss paper.

Best: €26.69

Avoid: €96.18

Saving: €69.49


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