Thursday 19 April 2018

Energia offers families cheapest deals for gas and electricity

Energia is set to enter the market here
Energia is set to enter the market here

Charlie Weston Personal Finance Editor

NEW energy supplier to households Energia is set to offer the cheapest deal for families that use it for both electricity and gas.

The company launched its offering todya and will charge €1,920 for families that opt for the dual-fuel offer.

This is €92-a-year cheaper than the next best dual offer in the market from Electric Ireland.

Energy Minister Pat Rabbitte launched the new Energia residential offers, which are branded "Smart Choice".

For those who opt for the dual-fuel offering, Energia is set to be 15pc cheaper for gas than the standard rate, and 16pc cheaper for electricity.

The new operator is adding in an extra 1pc discount for families that take both electricity and gas.

For those who opt for electricity only, the new operator in the household market will be 15pc cheaper than the standard offering from Electric Ireland (the new name for the ESB).


Gas only from Energia will be 15pc less than the standard offering from Bord Gais.

The new operator, which owns two €500m power plants in Dublin and already supplies businesses, will provide power to homes across the country.

The cost for a year's supply of gas from Energia for the average family will work out at €852, calculations by Simon Moynihan of price comparison site show.

This is just €3 dearer than Flogas for a year's supply of gas for a family.

Electricity only with Energia will cost the average family household €1,075 for a year.

This is €8 dearer for a year than the best electricity offering, which is available from Bord Gais.

Mr Moynihan said the aim of Energia was to sign up thousands of people for its dual-fuel offering which would be the cheapest in the market.

The dual offering will be €271 cheaper than the standard rates in the markets.

Fewer than two out of 10 have ever switched energy supplier, so are on standard rates which tend to be the most expensive.

"When it comes to the dual-fuel offering Energia is planning to put it up to the other suppliers," Mr Moynihan said.

Householders will have to sign up for direct debits and agree to have their bills sent to them electronically.

Energia has two massive power plants in Huntstown in north Dublin, which are capable of providing one-fifth of the country's electricity.

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